White Horse Trapped Escape

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When your friend visited you for the last time before leaving for another country, he rode his favorite white horse. It was one of the reasons you liked going back to the country. His father was friendly and would let you help him take care of the horses. You didn’t know that your classmate in the city was the son of the owner of the horses. A few years back, he visited his father on the same day that you were taking care of the horses. You almost shooed him away from his own pets. You couldn’t stop asking for apologies after knowing who he was. He was so cool about it though. However, you found it hard to go back and help out. He was already helping out his dad and it would be a bit awkward to keep on helping.

So you stayed in your own backyard and took care of your own animals. You were about to head back to the city when you saw a white horse approaching. You couldn’t keep your eyes away from it. Then you saw your friend. He said a few words of goodbye and left. After a few days, the white horse went missing and you couldn’t let anything bad happen to it. Play White Horse Trapped Escape outdoor escape game from Games 2 Rule.