White Cottage Escape Game

White Cottage Escape
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The white cottage which Lucia owns is a place not really befitting to be called a cottage, for it's bigger than that and luxurious, but she calls it that just to make it simple and people won't be intimidated when they ask for Lucia what her place is like. That day, she decided to do a clean-up of the place for things are currently not tidy in the rooms. It's no trouble for her until, a real trouble came up and Lucia was definitely caught unsuspecting of that!

Lucia found-out that her doors are not easily opened no more and as she tried again, the door become stuck shut and now it could no longer be opened! Lucia had no idea what's going-on and because she knows her house pretty well, she thinks that the doors are the only problem there. The entire house is currently in a giant puzzle and Lucia is yet to find that out. Escape players, care to join Lucia here on this strange challenge for her and see if you can all escape her so called cottage which was actually more like a big house?

White Cottage Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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