White And Black Avenue House Escape Game

White And Black Avenue House Escape

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It has been a long day at work. You cannot help but feel excited at the thought of going home.You imagine yourself watching your favorite retro movies. And as usual, fall asleep with popcorn and beer in hand.

After trudging through the daily commute, you are finally home. You change into your comfiest clothes and ready your popcorn and beer. With your remote at hand, you plop down on your trusty old couch and gawk at the screen. Tonight, it is time to watch an old and cheesy soap opera in all its black and white glory.

White And Black Avenue House Escape is a fun and unique point and click escape game made by Games 2 Jolly. In this escape game, you find yourself trapped inside a black and white house. You immediately feel confused because you were certain the last thing you were doing was watching TV. You then think to yourself that you are probably dreaming. Whatever the case, it has been hours and you need to get ready for bed. Tomorrow will be another grind after all.

Point and click your way through puzzles as you look for clues. Use your wits to figure a way out. Good luck!

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