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Whispers Of Lost Souls

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All day long you have been feeling weird. It's like you are being drawn somewhere. So you busied yourself the whole day hoping it will go away. Then night came. You got ready to sleep and turned the lights off. That's when you heard the whispers. At first you can't make out the words. Then you strained your ears to catch what they are saying. And goosebumps appeared on you. The disembodied souls are whispering your name, calling you to the other side. You don't know what to do but the whispers became louder and louder. You shut your eyes. Then it became quiet. You cautiously opened your eyes and found yourself in a mysterious place.

A girl was staring at you. You stared right back at her. "I'm lost as well." she said. "I shouldn't be here. My sister ran ahead of me and I lost my way." The girl kept on talking. Then she stopped and looked straight at you. "Help me.", her voice was cold. You don't have much choice anyway. You stood up and looked around. You've never seen this place. It should not even exist. But you are here and you have to help. Maybe this is the only chance for you to get back to your own world.

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