Whimsical Cottage Forest Escape Game

Whimsical Cottage Forest Escape

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The whimsical cottages are houses scattered far apart from each other in a wide area in the forest, it's like a resort for recreational and relaxation. The cottages can be a little hard to get to for the path sometimes are too covered with foliage that the visitors would think are they going the right way? That is exactly what happened to Mikey and that's only at the first time he encountered such a path and told himself is he on the right path? Well little did he know his situation is only going to get worst there.

Mikey got seriously lost for it had been half an hour he was walking along the path but still there was no cottage in sight, well he saw some but it was unoccupied and it wasn't his. Mikey really regret that he didn't ask for help in finding his cottage, now he is lost and he has nobody to help him here and soon it's gonna get dark. Escape players, will you help Mikey here navigate and see if you can solve this problem quickly?

Whimsical Cottage Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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