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Where Is Ghost

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For a few years you were alone in your house. You weren't afraid of the stories the people around you were telling you. You had been staying there for a year before they revealed things to you. There wasn't anything that fit their stories inside your house. So you just chose not to mind them. However, as soon as you heard the story about a ghost, it began to make its presence known. For so many nights, you couldn't get a proper sleep. Your mind was always on the ghost and what it was about to do next. The ghost wasn't trying to scare you. But it just wanted to be acknowledged. You couldn't really easily acknowledge it. The days went by and you began to feel more at ease. Then you thought of communicating with it. You became instant best friends.

You weren't expecting to find a kind heart in a ghost form. People became more cautious around your house and around you. You couldn't care less though. You got so used to having the ghost around that you could easily tell its absence. It hadn't been around for a few days already and this was unacceptable to you. Play Where Is Ghost room escape game by NSR Games.

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