Western Town Escape Game

Western Town Escape

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Ghost towns are your favorite places to unwind. It's the absence of people that makes you want to visit it again and again. While other people would feel very lonely, you on the other hand enjoy the peace it brings. You always make sure to visit one every weekend. It somehow also serves as your escape. No one knows where you are going every weekend. And it's a secret you don't want to be discovered soon. You want the places to be yours for the time that you're there. This week, you search in the internet for the nearest ghost town. Although you go there for escape, you also want to be near home in case your boss calls you. You still have a pending project that you need to finish. But you also want a little escape still. So picking a place near you is the next best option.

This ghost town has an old western feel to it. It feels like you're stepping back in time and it's totally cool with you. You look around the place and enjoy the uncommon sights. It's very fun for you to be roaming around here until you lost your way. Play Western Town Escape room escape game by Selfdefiant.


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