West Coast Escape Game

West Coast Escape

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The East coast finally, Nana can relax and have a drink as she takes the fresh breeze of the ocean for she had worked herself out in the previous months non-stop, now it is time for that mandatory relaxation. Nana pondered about everything that she could for this is the only time she'll have in doing that for in the next days it is back to work. After hours of just relaxing on the beach, Nana fell asleep and when she woke-up after hours of reclining, she saw that she was still on the beach, she squinted more and found-out that she was actually not anymore in the exact beach she was in, but in a different place far away!

Nana looked around and saw she was in a familiar place however, but the only problem was she was in the west coast which was thousands of miles away from where she was originally! Nana was very confused what, why, and how did she even got to the place which should have taken weeks by land and at least numerous hours by plane, it was very strange for her and it is, knowing that one just got teleported and not even have a slight knowledge of what had happened, either way Nana is going to figure-out what is going-on so she can get back to the east or something. Escape players, want to join Nana here solve this very peculiar problem? Go ahead then and be ready for anything else.

West Coast Escape is another new point and click coastal escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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