Wench Escape

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Wench Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games for more daring attempts to escape from a potentially dangerous house. Have fun!

There was this woman who was June’s neighbor and everyday, there are huge scrambling in that place and yelling, so one day June went to this woman’s just to assure if she’s okay. The woman had a bad reputation from the people living near her thanks to her job and what she does, but that did not stop June in checking the woman in her house out but well, something happened there however which resulted in June being in-trouble.

And so, June entered the house and because the door was open, she let herself in. But after she did, the door behind her suddenly slammed-shut! June got pretty startled and she asked for the woman’s help, but the woman was nowhere to be found though and the place seems unoccupied. Okay, this isn’t good now but June needs to escape though before she is labeled by the woman as a trespasser. Escape players, June needs to clearly escape from the place right-now, care to join in and see if you can all escape the woman’s house? Good luck then everyone and enjoy the escape!

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Walkthrough video for Wench Escape

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