Weird Land Escape

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The village near the forest is the next destination Otto will be going as he journeys across the land! As a tourist, he really wanted to see the sights there especially the countryside, and so he went just to fulfill that bucket-list of his. Otto got pretty excited on his adventure of his, for this old village he will be going to has rumors of being weird. He has no idea what they meant but he still went for he has already gone far enough to be stopped.

Otto arrives at the village and it was normal there, people were doing their businesses and they were even friendly. What’s so weird with this place now? Well, Otto will soon come to find that out for he was warned not to go to the cordoned area in the forest just beside the village for reasons untold to him. Well as a curious daredevil himself, you all know what will Otto do now, and that’s where he will meet his troubles and he will be needing help then! Okay now escape players, you definitely know now what will happen to Otto there as he rebelliously contradicts with the heeds he was given. Will you help him then so he can live the next day and learn that lesson? Go ahead then and test your skills here as well!

Weird Land Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.