Wedding Escape

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Mary and Butch are now newly-weds and even so it’s nothing new for them for they have been living together for long now, this just legalizes them both and somehow the emotions just gets intense on them. That evening while the couple prepares themselves for their first romantic dinner as weds, Butch somehow found himself in some strange thing for when he got out of their room, he noticed that his wife is missing and the doors are locked to the point he can’t open them!

Butch is confused here but he thought this could be just a prank from Mary to lighten things up for their new beginning, it looks like it but Butch is feeling a different thing though and for his instincts, he rarely gets wrong with that. Escape players, Butch needs to escape from here now for he doesn’t have a good feeling about this, will you help him on this too and see if your skills and logic are able to help on the quick escape? Go ahead then and quickly now so that Butch will also have some answers here quickly.

Wedding Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Amgel Escape.