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Way To Halloween

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It was your time to keep watch on the forest for any naughty spirits that might disturb the fun of humans. Your ancestors might find it hard to believe that you could co-exist with humans. But one of the braver spirits took that step which made the rest of you freely roam the human world. You have to keep your disguises on when humans are around though. But this is a better scenario than hiding from them all the time. So to keep the peace between the creatures, guards are posted on places where spirits live and humans frequent. It's Halloween season so people would dress up like scary creatures. This makes it easier for you to blend with them. You can freely talk to them in your original form without them freaking out. However, there are naughty spirits who would ruin the fun for all.

But you won't let them do it, especially not under your watch. Everything is peaceful in the forest when you heard some human voices. Your heart starts beating fast as they come closer. They're very friendly as they ask you for the way to the party. You're about to show them the way but you spot a couple of naughty ones. So you just have to guide them on their way to Halloween. Play Way To Halloween outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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