Waterfall Near Me Escape Game

Waterfall Near Me Escape

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Thank you for checking the game here escape players, enjoy! Waterfall Near Me Escape is brand new point and click escape game released by Fun Escape Games for more dose of fun with us.

The lush forest even though it is near the city, it is filled with lush rivers, waterfalls, and even hidden caves which goes deeper into the Earth for who knows how long. It's a must to visit for Alice, so she packed-up and planned to there with her friends, it's going to be a good adventure but unfortunately though, all of them cancelled the last minute and Alice wasn't about to cancel anything. This had now become bad but still, she did not decide to end the plan and went to the wilderness herself alone.

A few hours on Alice's journey alone and it was already good, it still seems well even though her friends did not come with, she can really admire nature and the huge waterfalls in the place. As unfortunate as it can get though, bad things can still happen and well, it did. Alice somehow took a wrong turn and now, she is lost in the forest's path with no one to get help from! The situation is going to get worst here especially when the sun sets, that's why she needs to keep moving and of course, thinking while she does so, for one can really push themselves further into the forest here, getting even more lost as a result. Escape players, try the wilderness escape adventure with Alice, use the best of your skills and logic so, good luck and have fun!

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