Waterfall Forest Escape Game

Waterfall Forest Escape

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Everything was nice and bright when you arrived at the forest. The birds were singing cheerfully on the trees. And the butterflies seemed to follow you around. Then there were also some animals scurrying by your feet seemingly wanting to play with you. You looked ahead and saw the waterfall where you would be spending the rest of the day. You really enjoyed dipping your feet on the cool water and hearing the rushing water. It seemed like everything was perfect until you saw a lifeless deer. You tried so hard to make your self understand that it was just a part of the life cycle of living things. However, as you inspected closer, the deer didn't die due to some natural reasons. Further ahead, you saw another deer inside a cage. You didn't have to think long and hard before deciding to approach the living deer.

You had already seen how things would turn out for the deer if it stayed longer inside the cage. So you instantly started working to let it escape the cage. And catch the people who were making the deer suffer instead. You had to give justice to whatever happened in the forest. Play Waterfall Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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