Warlock Halloween Escape

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The warlock has now returned to the town for it is Halloween and he needs to perform his ritual for the sake of the entire settlement there. This warlock does not look gentle and friendly though, for it is on ragged cloaks and has a pumpkin for a head! But he means no harm to the townsfolk, he only has his eyes set on the darkness and vanquishing it.

This warlock has sufficient magic to thwart evil and that’s why the town remains safe as long as he performs his ritual, but that Halloween evening though something impeded that act, for this warlock is now trapped in a house there! Escape players as a townsfolk, you have no idea what happened and why the warlock was being held by a simple cell and couldn’t get out, but it is holding him from performing his ritual so you need to get him out as soon as possible. Will your skills and the items you’ll find be enough for this important rescue?

Warlock Halloween Escape is brand new point-and-click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Warlock Halloween Escape

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