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Ware House

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John almost pulled you in his innocence by turning the tables on Jessica the last time. But you already had some doubts on him that time. It seemed like he had a fair share of sinister characteristic himself. However, you just focused on Jessica. This proved to be a cover-up somehow as you discovered more about John. The discovery of a dead body on his fridge made him an instant suspect. You don't know what's his motive in during such. But it sure made him look like a creep at that instant. Your postponement of judgement may have save some of your reputation. But you were wondering if it also caused a death of an innocent person. Yet there was no point in wasting your energy on this. So you shifted your thoughts into giving some justice on the death of a lady.

John would sure have a lot to tell but he wasn't sharing anything yet. He happened to own a warehouse which could produce evidences that could truly be used against him. However, you were not closing the possibility for another criminal. So search the warehouse thoroughly and find whatever clues you can to be a step closer to solving this mystery. Play Ware House room escape game by Enagames.

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