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Wanna Wild Turkey
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Let's go escape players on a journey in the great outdoors where wild turkeys roams and just living normally as they should. Wanna Wild Turkey is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

Everyone is celebrating the holidays and enjoying their own family get-together especially on thanksgiving. As a ranger who was assigned in the forest nearby where wild turkeys lives, Elmo must go and check the remaining flocks of turkeys there for open-season had just been closed and it's only logical to check if the ecosystem is still active of the huge and quite defensive wild poultry. Elmo is pretty confident that he won't get lost in the place even though a lot of people have through the years, well there is always a first-time for everyone.

Elmo accidentally came across a flock of turkeys with a giant male and less than a dozen females. Upon seeing eye to eye, the males quickly claimed its grounds and chased Elmo! He managed to escape from it after a distance of running but unfortunately, that forced him to an area in the forest which was unfamiliar to him. Where was he now? Too bad that it had to happen especially at this time, for the sun is really going-down and it won't take long until this place gets dark. Escape players, this is where you come in! Join Elmo here with his problem and lend him a hand as he finds his way back to the right path to base. Be careful on the adventure.

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