Wallpapers House Escape Game

Wallpapers House Escape

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Cheska just moved into her new apartment. It needs work and work on it she will, soon enough. The rolls of wallpaper she bought the other day are all ready. However, there will be no one helping her and that's a problem. It will probably take two weeks to finish. She starts woorking on her own bedroom. Following the bedroom will be the living room. The rolls of wallpaper are reaching 3 meters each but still, she's going to be working hard enough to get her walls covered.

Cheska uses a flat piece of stick to make sure that air bubbles don't form underneath the wallpaper. Then, she uses strong ashesive to make sure they'll stick to the walls. Cheska is almost through with her own bedroom when the wallpaper slips from her hands and lands on her head. It surprises her and she trips backwards, her back to the wall with adhesive. It's a facepalm moment because now she can't get herself off from the wall!

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