Wake Up

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Dustin was driving home when suddenly, something happened and he woke-up in his house quite instantly! He had no idea what happened and that’s the thing, for there seems to be a gap in his memory from between while he was driving and getting home. Another strange things was his house, it seems to have taken a different shade of colors, and his family was not home as well.

Escape players, Dustin is really confused there and a lot of questions are in his mind, maybe he should find a way out of his house first and then start from there? Help him then by finding things and clues of just about anything that can answer what just happened there.

Wake Up is a short and atmospheric point-and-click escape game created by KimsGames for the “microStudio Jam #3”.

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Walkthrough video for Wake Up

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Sub-Zero Squirrel
Sub-Zero Squirrel
1 year ago

This was interesting and poignant. Here’s a walkthrough for anyone who gets stuck.


1 year ago

Leisure Suit Larry Wakes Up.