Wake Up The Mermaid Baby

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You met-up with your mermaid friend again at the shore and when you talked, she said she needed help with her daughter who wouldn’t wake-up. After you heard this you didn’t think of anything scientific, this could be magical and you don’t know if you can help on that, but as a good gesture to a friend not everyone will have, you went with her to her home under the water.

As you arrive, you found the young mermaid still asleep and you began to think then. Her mom has done everything to wake her up, but as you thought there is one thing she haven’t, and that is music. Escape players, you will now help your friend here wake her daughter up using music. You need to find some stuff to get this done, and stuff that are already there. Will you be able to find some things that can help on this?

Wake Up The Mermaid Baby is a new point-and-click underwater game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Wake Up The Mermaid Baby

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