Wacky Wizard Escape - Castle Game

Wacky Wizard Escape - Castle

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Your parents owned a school for wizards. So when you were born, people expected you to become one of the greatest wizards. You tried to be. You entered the school of your parents but making people laugh was easier than perfecting the spells. So most of the time, you wouldn't pay much attention to the professors. Instead, you would think of ways to make your friends laugh using similar spells from your lessons. You realized that when you were trying to entertain your friends, your magic followed suit. But when you tried to seriously perform the spells, they were all successful. It seemed like being a wizard couldn't disappear in your blood. However, you preferred the name Wacky Wizard. People were always happy to see you for you will surely bring them laughs. You thought you would only need to be funny all your life.

One day, you found yourself in a part of a castle that you were not familiar with. You tried walking around hoping to remember the right way. However, you had just grown tired but you still hadn't found it. So you thought it was time for your magic. It didn't work the way it should. And you went back to the manual way of escaping. Play Wacky Wizard - Castle room escape game by Mouse City.


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