Voguish Place Escape Game

Voguish Place Escape

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Patrick just got invited for his job interview in the most modern office in the city, he was very excited and he really prepared himself for he thought it's going to be a hard one. Patrick sees the office as vogue and that only intimidated him to perform even better, but guess it is turning the other way around for he is getting anxious in the process. There was a thing that Patrick noticed though, for the office was empty and he had already waited close to an hour but there was still nobody there for him. That forced Patrick to roam around the rooms and he found the offices even more beautiful, but then he noticed two more things too, there was really nobody around the place and at the moment he is now lost!

Patrick is panicking a little bit but he knows he needs to remain composed for he never knows this might still be a part of the interview, or a real problem actually. Escape players, want to help Patrick here as he composedly escapes the office and maybe get some coffee or something?

Voguish Place Escape is another new point and click complex escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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