Vociferous Creature Escape

(40 votes, average: 4.30 out of 5)

The village in the wilderness is quite developed and it stands peacefully while everyone in the populated areas are going about their daily businesses. But a year ago however, something broke the peace for some loud, scary, and obnoxious creature suddenly lived in the middle of the village! And now, it controls everyone and nobody can really go against it, but there were attempts once before but those all failed. That day, the village took in new visitors and they have no idea about the creature. Later that night, Billy who was a resident there observed the area for he would like to see how will the creature react to the new people, unfortunately as the night draws late, it seems to be not going well.

Billy saw the creature enter the house where the new visitors are in! This is not good for even though he had expected something like this, he didn’t really think it would become a reality. Billy needs to do something here, for the safety of those visitors are now at risk for the creature managed to enter their house. Maybe finally slay that creature? But he’ll be risking his own life then. Maybe just get it out before the visitors wake-up? Escape players, Billy wanted to see the joyful faces of his fellow villagers once again, but it’s not going to be possible if that creature stays alive, that’s why he needs to get it out of there first and maybe slay it then so that the suffering will finally end. Will you help Billy here get the creature out of the house to ensure the visitors’ safety as well as the rest of the villagers there?

Vociferous Creature Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Palani Games.