Viyash Boat Escape Game

Viyash Boat Escape

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Swimming down the lake would be a fun thing to do this summer. With that, you went to the lake with your dog to keep you company. He is the epitome of the man's best friend. Because you are confident that you won't get in trouble when you are with him. He can swim in the lake just he could save you. However, there is one thing that you dog can't do and that is to get into the boat. Your lake trip has been fun but you have to go home. You need to get into the boat to get away from the lake but your dog won't jump in. With that, you have to find a way to get your dog into the boat so both of you can escape. Thankfully, there are items around the place that you can use for your escape plan.

Not only that, there are also clues in  there that can help you with the puzzles that you will encounter. But even with the help of those clues and items, you still have to use your logic to escape. Viyash Boat Escape is the newest outdoor escape game by Mirchigames. Best of luck!

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  1. Date: October 24, 2018
    Author: fff

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