Violet Room Escape (Nsr Games)

(18 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5)

Violet Room Escape is a fun point and click escape game released by Nsr Games.

You suddenly wake up in an unfamiliar place and find yourself in some place you have never been in before. Explore to try and study the room only to find some clues in order to escape. You are seeing violet instead of seeing red and you are filled with mixed emotions that you cannot describe.

You are drowning in the sea of violet and you decide and it is time to escape. Explore the room to familiarize yourself with your surroundings. Take note of important objects but be careful not to overlook anything. Leave no stone unturned. Uncover the hidden secrets to solve the mysteries of the Violet Room to break free. Who knows what awaits you outside of the Violet Room?

Test your wits and cunning against the numerous creative puzzles but for your safety do not to bang your head against the violet walls in trying to solve them. Be creative and think outside of the box to be successful in your mission to escape. Point and click your way to escape the Violet Room and remember that time is ticking! Who knows what awaits you at the end.