Violet Living Room Escape

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Violet Living Room Escape is a point and click game from Yoopy Games. Imagine you are a scientist who had been experimenting with insects for years. One day you decided to paint your livingroom into violet in order to make it little draker than it was before. The next day you could install the experimenting devices in the room where you immediately observed a strange behaviour about the flies. They showed frustrated and couldn’t tolerate this colour. They started to hit the wall of their aquarium so hard it started to crack. In this moment you realized they had been infected with a lethal virus before and if they managed to escape they could spread the disease easily. You locked every window in order to prevent it. Turning down the latch of the door you realized it was locked too however you didn’t lock it. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to get out before the bugs manage to do it. Good luck!