Vintage Painting House Escape Game

Vintage Painting House Escape

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You enter this house with only one sole purpose: to rob it. Years and years of stealing and robbery made you a master. Now you are one of the best on the field. At your hideout, you're checking a list of wealthy people's houses to hit. Finally, you spot a name belonging to the richest man in your area. Moreover, he has side businesses that are less than reputable. He seems to be really naive and nothing special. He hid the safes and codes behind paintings.

Seriously, that would be the first place where a burglar would start searching. However, the wealthy and affluent can afford the best security system that money can buy. You are looking at laser triggers all over the place and more if you're not careful. Contacting your hacker friend immediately, this time you find out that there's a pattern to the trap. In other words, timing is the key to a successful heist. It will take only a few minutes to be done with it. Good luck!

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