Vintage House Escape (Games 2 Mad)

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Billy’s grandpa is planning to let go of some stuff, kind of unheard of for an old person to do, but he just wants to forget and help Billy too by selling the items and the profits are mostly his. Billy will definitely help his grandpa if he wanted to clear his place, but just when he thought though that everything was going to be easy, well he needs to think again for he forgot that his grandpa’s place has a little antic and he never remembered that for the last time he came was when he was a kid.

Billy had been coming only recently and that’s when the memories went in. As he began to select things in the place to sell, one memory came to him and also almost immediately, it became reality! Billy noticed that he could no longer leave the room where he was for the door was locked, as he called for his grandpa for help, it seems that he could not hear him! Okay, now Billy remembers that his grandpa’s place locks people in and they can only escape by really using their mind. Up until this moment, the place’s antic is still a mystery, which means there is no way he can find anything to fix this for good at that moment, so the only thing to do now is to just escape. Escape players, you are now Billy here trapped in a room in his grandpa’s old house, will you be able to find your way out of there so you can maybe at least get the respects of the place?

Vintage House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.