Vintage Christmas House Escape Game

Vintage Christmas House Escape

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You don't want to decorate your house for the Christmas. So you buy another house where the decorations are there for the whole year. You never take down the decorations even if you find it fun to put it up. It's because you usually run out of time during this time of the year. The events are everywhere and it seems like you have to be in the same place all the time. Your main house remains free from decorations though. So for eleven months you stay there. Then in December, you take time to spend some Christmas days here. You enjoy looking back at your memories when you first hang them there. You slowly feel sleepy while lying down on the sofa. With heavy eyes, you close your eyes and sleep soundly. You wake up to see the decorations greeting you. You almost forget it's Christmas.

The clock says it's nearing night time. Then you remember you have to prepare your feast. You look at your fridge to look for ingredients. But since you don't stay here much, it's empty. So you have to get out of the house to buy them before they run out. However, you need to get pass through the door first. Play Vintage Christmas House Escape room escape game by Escape 007 Games.

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