Villagers Light Graveyard Escape Game

Villagers Light Graveyard Escape

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Villagers Light Graveyard Escape is another new point and click cemetery escape game made by Genie Fun Games for more fun escape adventures in an old graveyard. Good luck!

The really old graveyard is very close to being ancient, but still it is being used thanks to how large the area was. It's good that they hadn't abandoned the place yet, history about the place can still be retrieved and for reference of old events, the graveyard can be of great help. Riva visited the graveyard that day, for she had a departed one there and it's been a while since she last visited the place. An hour later, it was time to go for there is still light and she doesn't want to be in the place when the sun goes down, but sadly something happened and it's very likely that she will if she doesn't solve that something of a problem soon!

Riva was close to the exit when she saw that the gate seems to be closed, she then thought to herself oh no, that seems to be locked, and it most certainly was! Now she is trapped in the graveyard and it isn't just the only gate that was locked, because all of it were closed! Riva's breathing was slowly going faster, this is one of her greatest fears and she doesn't want to pass-out in the place only to wake-up in the evening. Escape players, Riva needs help here to escape out of the old graveyard, care to join in with her and see if you can all escape before the sun completely sets? Go ahead then and make haste!


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