Village Van Rescue Game

Village Van Rescue

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The village where Ryan used to live in is a beautiful place, the land is lush and people there are living peacefully. Ryan returns this time after 5 years with his acquired van 2 years ago, he still has some family there and he has some goods for them too from the city. Ryan met with his family and it was a blast! Remembering stuff from before and even doing things which they once did when they were younger. Everything was good and reminiscent, but this too has to end for Ryan needs to get back to the city where a lot of obligations are holding him. He'll come by next time when he is free again, but that's if he can leave first though.

Ryan arrives at his vehicle and he somehow could not find his keys, it was weird. And there was one problem too, his van was missing one tire! Now this is something, somebody is messing with him but it's more likely that whoever did this have stolen the tire! He just hopes this is some prank from his friends for they don't want him to leave, for if this is something else then this village is not anymore the same as he knew it. Escape players, Ryan needs to find his tire then and quickly before the sun sets and the road gets dark, will you help him so he can fix this problem soon?

Village Van Rescue is a brand new point and click item retrieval escape game released by WoW Escape.

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