Village Sheep Rescue Game

Village Sheep Rescue

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The village has a steady supply of produce but they have to be careful and take care of what they have though, for anything can happen and that could topple everything on the table. The villagers treasure greatly their cows and sheep, for those makes cheese and milk and they can be a lot slower to breed than the chickens and pigs. That day, Warner was tilling his land when his fellow farmer approached him in a hurry, he asked what was going-on and there he knew that one of his sheep escaped!

Warner's fellow farmer there is just only to starting to increase the numbers of his sheep, now one is missing and he needs to find it before it reaches the nearby forest where predators prowl! Every man needs to stand with another here in the village and that's why their village is growing and getting steadier, of course Warner will not abandon his friend there especially when he asked for a hand. Escape players, will you join Warner here as he tries to find the missing sheep of his fellow farmer? Come along then and may the task end successfully before dark.

Village Sheep Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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