Villa Resort Escape Game

Villa Resort Escape

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The luxurious house in the resort is like a sore thumb sticking-out of everything, for it is built to look like a palace and staying there will absolutely cost someone a treasure! Luckily Charm had enough funds for a brief stay there and before she knows it, she is in the place and all for her! Well at least for a few days. Charm is planning her itinerary while she is in the place and starting tomorrow she'll be off to the beach for some fun. For then she plans to stay indoors and admire the most expensive house in the resort. It had everything she needed and even the food in the fridge are all covered from her payment, well it's time to eat then as well.

Charm was able to enjoy the house the entire day until the next morning, she was ready to leave but when she tried the doors she realized it wouldn't open. Charm thought it's just her and the lack of knowledge to open a sophisticated lock, but she then realized that it wasn't and it's not the only one that wouldn't budge in the place, but also the rest of it! Charm is now confused and concerned of what's going-on, she is alone at the moment and needs help to escape, will you give her that aid escape players? Come and check-out this escape game here then and ready yourselves for the challenge.

Villa Resort Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by WoW Escape.

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