Viking Warrior Escape Game

Viking Warrior Escape

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Olaf is slowly creeping into this old and big fort for he is to rescue their leader who was at the moment being held against his will there. Olaf had been searching the land for him high and low, their settlement is starting to get just a little bit disarrayed because of his absence. And now that he is found, everything will be okay now for Olaf is going to make this as he had planned and of course no casualty whatsoever. But he cannot assure that though, for the old fort even though is slack in guards, they are still a powerful bunch and if they realized he was there trying to rescue one of their captives, they can all thwart him mighty easily.

Escape players, that's why Olaf needs to be very careful here and quiet, once he rescues him and gets far without getting detected, they can relax then. But for now Olaf needs help here, will you be able to aid him on this rescue and as quietly as possible? Go ahead then, make use of items you can find and try to stay low as possible.

Viking Warrior Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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