Viking Village Escape Game

Viking Village Escape

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A famous viking-themed restaurant opened at the nearby city. Many people wanted to experience the place and get a taste of its food. You were one of them. However, you knew how many people visit the place everyday. They served buffet style with unlimited hours inside. You felt like it was a long shot trying to get inside. But fortunately, your friend already had reservations and one of her company wasn't coming. She willingly gave the slot to you. You thanked her and went to the buffet section. There were many food. But what caught your attention the most were the realistic looking vikings design. You couldn't help but touch the design. Upon doing so, you felt your surroundings turned very fast. It seemed like your hand was glued to the shield you were holding. You just had to close your eyes.

Then the turning stopped. You looked around to find yourself in a Viking Village. You were not in the restaurant anymore. The silence in the village made you work in figuring out what was happening so you could get back to your own world quickly. Play Viking Village Escape outdoor escape game by 365 Escape and continue your regular life.

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