Vigorous Rhino Escape

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There is this frolicking animal around town and it’s a bit of stay-away kind of animal. The said creature is a rhino and it’s a type that is endemic in the area, it is such an amazing beast but people are getting uneasy of it though, for even though it isn’t really an animal that would hunt humans, it is a hulking animal even though smaller than its African cousin, and it can still bring some damage to a human and that’s why they all need to be careful when they move away from the town.

As a resident of the place, Vin knows this and too well in fact, for he had seen the animal many times and most of the time it’s just a gentle and peaceful one, but that day though it seems somebody have had enough of it. Vin found the rhino trapped inside a structure there in the town and as it looks, it is quite likely that somebody might be moving the animal finally! This could be an accident and Vin hopes so, for he wishes to free it for nobody knows what will happen to the area if the rhino is removed from this ecosystem here. Escape players, Vin will do this now for his point here is logical for him, there has to be another way so in the meantime, the creature must be in the wild here where it lives. Will you help him out though and maybe talk to everyone then to search for a better way?

Vigorous Rhino Escape is a new outdoors animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.