Vietnam Traditional Girl Escape Game

Vietnam Traditional Girl Escape

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You were boarding the plane heading to Vietnam. While waiting for the others to take their seats, you noticed someone was already sitting in your seat. You checked your ticket to see if you were just mistaken. However, you read your ticket right and someone must have made a mistake. So you tapped the shoulder of the one sitting. She looked at you and asked if you needed anything. You told her she was sitting in your seat. She may have thought you were just going to let it go but you didn't. So she got up and exchanged seats with you. You thought you may have approached her too roughly but it seemed like she didn't mind. She started talking to you after the plane took off. She had quite a lot of stories to tell but you were somehow glad.

The plane slowly descended and she asked for your name and contact information. You were still waiting for your baggage to come around when you saw her being dragged in the distance. The moment you saw your baggage, you took it and ran after her. You kept yourself hidden all the time and went out to help her after the kidnapper left. Play Vietnam Tradition Girl Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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