Victoria Secret Bank Hidden Treasures

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Victoria has a lot of secrets beside from her lingerie. One of these is her bank treasure. But the twist is, it’s not money which is in the bank. In fact, what are in there are the first class lingeries and those are quite expensive. That is every girl’s dream but they can’t have it because it’s not out in the market. You want to be the first one to have that lingerie so you went to her secret bank. After few minutes of looking, you finally saw what you’re looking for. However, you still can’t sleep tight with that lingerie unless you find your way out of this bank. You have the most valuable treasure in this hidden bank but you have to find what’s more valuable than that which is the key. That key is the only way to open the door so you can escape.

There are also puzzles that you have to solve so you have to use your logic to be successful. You have to escape from the bank before Victoria finds out. Victoria Secret Bank Hidden Treasures is a brand new room escape game from Free Room Escape that you will surely enjoy. Best of luck!

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