Vault Escape

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Vanessa is the new officer for the vault here and because she is excited she got the job at the bank, she is just happy that her hard work is starting to gain some benefits. Of course she was trained to operate the vault and she got it pretty well, she even did that a couple of times throughout the week without any problems. But one day however, Vanessa felt a little anxious and she has no idea why, and then something happened and this could be the thing that is getting her nervous, she might have had a premonition!

Vanessa could no longer open the vault and when she turned-back to get out of the room so she can get help, that too would not open! Vanessa doesn’t really know what’s happening here, maybe the bank is being robbed and the vault room had just been locked while she is in? Well what can she do here now? Maybe she’ll just hide in the vault or something? But first she needs to open it using everything she knows and she has. Escape players, will you help Vanessa here open the vault so she can get inside? This vault is not really a typical one so be ready.

Vault Escape is a brand new point and click escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.