Valentine Party Escape Game

Valentine Party Escape

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It seemed like it was forever Valentine's Day for your friend. After she came up with that weird surprise for you, she was now busy with a party. And of course her theme was Valentine's Day. She asked to meet you to discuss the details of the party. She wanted you to be one of the organizers. You had no idea what was going in her mind. But you knew she would prepare some unexpected things once more. She met you at a cafe and you patiently listened to what she had to say. And she had a lot to explain. You really wanted to laugh at her reactions. But you somehow knew she was being serious about it. So you just nodded your head and pretended her plans interested you as well. After the meeting, you proceeded to pick up what you needed for your assignment.

Then you met the person you wished to avoid. You tried to avoid him but he intentionally went up to you. You smiled and politely excused yourself to proceed to the venue. Upon arriving there, you immediately took out your decorations and headed inside the house. But the house was fully decorated already and you believe you had to escape fast. Play Valentine Party Escape room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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