Valentine House Escape 2 Game

Valentine House Escape 2

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You weren't really into Valentine's day. You were not bitter. But you just haven't found the one to celebrate it yet. So you just spend the day with family and friends. However, one of your friends thought that you were very lonely during this day of the year. She kept on telling you that the person would come at the right time. Or it could be when you least expect it. Every time you hear this, you just laugh it off. It didn't really bother you if you were alone. Valentine's day came around again. And your friend invited you over to her new house. She said she wanted you to spend the day like it should be spent. You were tired of making excuses. So you accepted her offer and went over to her house. It was a new address and you were not familiar with the place.

She poked her head out from one of the houses. Then she welcomed you inside. She was all smiles. But you somehow felt there was something strange. The house had a weird theme. Yet as you were about to say something, she said she had to leave for her date. You looked at her questioningly but she just laughed as she went out. And you knew you just had to leave as well. Play Valentine House Escape 2 room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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