Valentine Heart Resort Escape Game

Valentine Heart Resort Escape

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There is going to be a Valentine's day party at the beach resort and as an organizer of the place, Kate was running-out of time as the sun goes down. Visitors will be coming soon and there are still a lot of things that needs to be done, that includes the various cake recipes which will be served in the party but not even half of it are done! Not to mention that there are still a lot to be finished and Kate is getting even more confused than ever. This is all the fault of that previous problem, that made things delayed and now she is circling around the place manning everything, for a lack of personnel was also a factor. But still Kate was determined to finish all of this before the party starts.

Escape players, the venue might confused you thanks to the hugeness of the resort and also, to the work that needs to be done there, but will you help here on the problems there by looking for clues and other items so that she can finally escape from this ever escalating snag? Place yourself on the situation of Kate then and solve this Valentine's day problem before the beach party begins!

Valentine Heart Resort Escape is another new point and click beach escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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