Valentine 2018 Room Escape Game

Valentine 2018 Room Escape

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It was Valentine's Day and you couldn't think of anything better to do than to spend it with your girlfriend. You planned to surprise her in her house. You were the owner of the building she was living in and you used this opportunity to set up a surprise. She was out of town for a little vacation with her friends. But what she didn't know was that you asked the help of her friends for this. She thought you would also be somewhere else. Yet you were busy reserving flowers, balloons, chocolates and a cake for this special day. You couldn't just display your surprise on the lobby. So you accessed her house to set your plan there. You had to be very careful with where you put your decorations though. She really hated it when some of the paint would chip off.

After setting up half of your decorations, you decided it would be best to pick up the treats you prepared. You were ready to leave the house when you remembered leaving your card on the reception counter. You couldn't call them to open the door for you since your girlfriend would surely receive a confirmation message. Play Valentine 2018 Room Escape room escape game by WoW Escape.

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