Vacation Escape - The River Game

Vacation Escape - The River

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Benny is now deep into the wilderness following the river to the next town where it will pass, but he has a lot to go through so he'll get there and the path won't be easy. Well, he needs to take it easy though for he is on vacation, but he needs to be very careful still. Benny found the wilderness as lush and green, the paths were confusing at first but he manages, well he never thought that it's going to be a lot difficult for he came across a few splits of the river and he thinks he might have taken a wrong split and now he is lost!

Benny tried to think positive, but all of what he saw though was pointing to him getting lost, all of the signs were not familiar to him at all. Benny looked at his map and indeed he was, but the map he has is only a rough guide though and wasn't quite accurate, he needs to confirm where he was so he can continue on his adventure. Escape players, come and join Benny here on this wilderness escape, be ready for anything because anything can happen in the great outdoors.

Vacation Escape - The River is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Selfdefiant.

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