Urban Residential Room Escape Game

Urban Residential Room Escape

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Leroy was sent to a house in a suburban area for he was to take something in one of the rooms there, it had just been confirmed that a precious item which should be under the protection of the department is in it and now Leroy is up for that mission to take it. There was nobody in the house as Leroy does his mission, it was in no time too that he found what he was looking for and it was just in the living-room! It's not even hidden, so that makes the mission over and successful? Over for he had found what he was looking for, successful, well that's a different one for Leroy just experienced a problem there and he needs to solve that now!

Leroy could not get out of the room now for the doors would not open! Leroy quickly suspected that the room might have a system when the item in question is taken, it would lock automatically with the perpetrator inside it! It's definitely a bad situation now and the department cannot send help for that will only make the operation less stealthy, increasing the risk of getting caught as well. Well, this is what Leroy was trained for, so he needs to tackle this himself. Escape players, want to help Leroy here with the problem he now has in the suburban house so he can escape with the item?

Urban Residential Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games.

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