Urban Modern House Escape Game

Urban Modern House Escape

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One of the houses in the neighborhood has a strange secret, there is a room there that hides weapons and even though that's classified intel that the authorities hold, Corrie and his gang of kids still got a whiff of it and now they are very interested what kind of weapons those are. At the moment the only thing they know is the true location of the said room and the authorities are only just launching an operation against it. They are going in slow and as for Corrie and his mischievous group, that is a good thing, for they will be coming in the said house now!

Corrie went in first for he doesn't want to endanger his friends on this, it's better him alone so he can escape quickly if something happens. Well as he ventures there however, something definitely will and it will give Corrie a brush with danger without a potential rescue! At first things were calm as Corrie looks around admiring the place, he couldn't find the said room and he has a very limited time there, that's why when that had been met he immediately tried to get out of there but then, the problem already happened and it's too late to evade it now. Corrie is now trapped in the house for the doors in the rooms are now locked! Corrie began to ponder then, did he fall into a trap? It looks like so and he is in big trouble here definitely! Escape players, play as Corrie here who needs to escape the house now. Will you able to help him and quickly before he gets himself into more of his doom?

Urban Modern House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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