Upside Down House Escape Game

Upside Down House Escape

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There is something wrong with this house and you don't know what. You just felt dizzy when you stepped in. Moments later, you felt thirsty. So you asked for water and from there, you realized what's going on with this house. You found out that this house is upside down when your water spill from the glass. This is very usual. You can't stand a minute longer in this room so you have to get away from here quickly. However, you can't do that in just one snap. There are puzzles in this room that you need to solve before you can finally escape. Those puzzles are hard and add the fact that you have to solve those upside down.

On the good note, there are clues that can help you to solve the puzzles that you will encounter within the room. There are also items in the room that can help you to open the door quickly. You might also need to turn your head upside down because you will need your logic to escape from the room faster. Upside Down House Escape is another exciting point and click outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape. Good luck and have fun!

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