Unused Room Escape Game

Unused Room Escape

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Giovanni woke-up and found himself in an almost empty room, he told himself then what? He was stationed at the guard-house and he is not even scheduled to do his rounds yet, but why was he in one of the rooms of the building under his watch? Even then he admits he fell asleep on the job, but he knows he did it in his station. Giovanni tried the door of the room then so he can go out and forget about this happening, but then he realized this isn't going to be over just yet now, for the door was locked and now he can't get-out!

Giovanni obviously has the keys for the room, but it's not with him at the moment, he is slowly feeling doomed every second now for this is very weird and if ever he was knocked-out purposely and then locked inside the room he is now in, then this is a very serious situation now. Escape players, will you help Giovanni here with this potentially serious problem? He just hopes this is nothing and he can shrugged this off as a funny memory.

Unused Room Escape is the newest point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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