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Unseen Soul

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It's so dark in this place and you can barely see anything. The aura and the energy in this place are too strong. You are sure that you are alone in this place but that is not how you feel. You feel like someone is with you inside this dark room. Your hair rose up as you hear the door shut. Seems like there is an Unseen Soul in this place. The darkness is creepy enough but with the Unseen Soul, everything is just so scary. You can't stay in this room for too long. The problem is, the Unseen Soul shut the door and the only way to open it is to solve all the puzzles in the room. Thankfully, there are clues that can help you with those.

This gives you goosebumps so you have to be quick and find items that you can use to solve all the puzzles. Even though the scene is too scary, you still have to stay on mind because you will need your logic top escape. To see it to believe but for you, to feel is to believe. Play this new room escape game by NSR Games and escape from the Unseen Soul. Good luck!

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