Unmatched Adventure 01 Game

Unmatched Adventure 01

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Here you will be tested truly of your skills and logic mainly on escape. Unmatched Adventure 01 is another new point and click ancient escape game made by 5n Games for another escape challenge you can try.

On Karl's adventure in an ancient place, he managed to get it going by pulling a mysterious lever and that engaged the hall's traps! Karl though then oh no, but that only signifies he is on the right track. Karl had been ready for this the moment he entered the place, it was an ancient castle and nobody could really figure the place out until, Karl came along. The halls are now filled with moving traps like fire, giant swinging axes, and even trapdoors! Now he knows this place really has something to hide.

Escape players, Karl has no other choice here for turning back is not an option for him, he must plow through the challenges of the place and maybe he'll get it done without so much as a scratch on him, that's kind of impossible but he'll only find-out if he tries. Want to join Karl on this adventure through an ancient place filled with obviously dangerous traps? Stay alert if you choose to try the challenge then and be skillful in escaping from traps.

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